Xeomin®, Botox® and Dysport® are the different neuromodulators on the market today that are produced by different companies. They are slightly different formulations of the same substance, Botulinum Toxin A, yet work in the same way to reduce or eliminate wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. When injected into the facial muscle, it blocks the nerve impulses to temporarily weaken or paralyze muscle movement that causes the wrinkles we see as we age. Similarly to the rest of these neuromodulators, Xeomin® targets the horizontal lines across the forehead, crow’s feet as well as the vertical lines between the brows (the Elevens). Xeomin® may also be used in areas such as the nasal lines, the neck muscles or platysmal bands and for migraines or underarm sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

The ultimate goal of injecting Xeomin®, is to reduce the frequency and intensity of muscle contractions, leading to the reduction of movement in the affected area and subsequently, a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles over time. Dr. Christine uses Xeomin® and Botox® to reverse signs of aging, but prefers to use these amazing products to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Her patients report they look 10 years younger as a result of her maintenance wrinkle elimination program.

30 days after initial injection treated with Xeomin® for severe glabellar lines.


Xeomin®, Botox® and Dysport® are safe for all skin types, colors and anyone desiring to look younger and fresher. These injectables are not for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or has any neurological disease.


During the treatment, a very fine needle is injected into each specific muscle for a few seconds with only the minor discomfort of a tiny pinch. For ultra-sensitive types, topical anesthetic cream or ice can be applied beforehand if necessary.


Xeomin® takes just a few minutes to inject, however, Dr. Christine takes 5-10 minutes to discuss your goals, examine your face and create a treatment plan. Like with any injection, you may experience a little redness or swelling at the injection site. Dr. Christine uses ice as a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. Most of our patients describe the sensation as a mild pin prick that is over in seconds. In rare cases, a patient can report temporary symptoms such as a minor headache, rash or flu-like symptoms.

Approximately 2 days post-procedure, you should notice smoother, more wrinkle-free skin, with full effects after 7 days.  You will feel lifted, rejuvenated and more youthful in just a few days. Dr. Christine will see you after one week for follow-up, and at that time, shares your pre-procedure photos. Your results will last anywhere from 4-6 months, on the longer side once you have had 3 treatments with Dr. Christine.

30 days after injection of Xeomin® patient’s face at rest,

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