Dr. Christine has created a comprehensive medical weight loss program that is guaranteed to help you LOSE THE WEIGHT you want and KEEP IT OFF.  This program works simply because it is constructed to include four vital components to help you succeed. Initial visit will include a physical exam, review of your health history, and a thorough intake of your nutrition as well as your physical activities.

Dr. Christine believes that no two patients are alike. Following your initial consultation, Dr. Christine designs a program unique to you that encompasses a visitation schedule, basic skills to implement in your daily routine, nutrition/education and for some patients, medication will be recommended. Dr. Christine will also create an exercise program that works with your busy, active lifestyle. Exercise will be a welcome addition to your day to day and not a chore. Dr. Christine strongly believes that “fad diets” create short lived results.  When building her comprehensive medical weight loss program, Dr. Christine has a SECRET INGREDIENT that ensures long lasting results for you.


Dr. Christine will be your personal nutrition coach and will help you develop an eating plan that works for you. She will help you take a closer look at your nutrition and will work with you as a team, to identify the foods that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Once you identify the right foods for your body, you will be able to create your own shopping list and food menu. You will be able to make better choices and continue to eat at your favorite restaurants. You will never feel deprived of the foods you love or avoid social situations to avoid temptations. Dr. Christine ‘s visits, weekly goals, behavior modification techniques WILL help you look at food differently.


Dr. Christine understands that you have a very busy life. Between work, family, friends and all the important things on your TO DO list, exercise can feel like a chore. She will work with you and help you identify the physical activities you love, so that you look forward to incorporating exercise into your life. Dr. Christine will help you identify the resources available to you and help focus you on the exercise program that will maximize your weight loss potential.


Dr. Christine strongly believes that diets do not fail. With her extensive background in Preventive Healthcare after receiving a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Dr. Christine feels Behavioral Modification is an integral component to the success of any weight loss program. During your weekly visits, Dr. Christine will identify your strengths/concerns, and design behavioral modifiers that will arm you with the skills you need for the rest of your life. On this journey, Dr. Christine will guide you along in developing and mastering pearls that are unique to your success in achieving your weight loss goals. As long as you continue to develop, master and incorporate all these tools in your day to day, you will keep your weight off.  


B complex vitamins promote immune system function, cell growth, metabolic function and nervous system function. Dr. Christine considers these vitamin injections to be an essential component of her medical weight loss program.  

Vitamin B complex injections are given during your visits for an immediate boost in energy. Your injection is comprised of a collection of 8 different vitamins that form the group of B vitamins. These vitamins are all water soluble which means that they can be easily transported around the body.  Vitamin B12 has been linked to weight loss and boosting energy. Most of our patients do not realize their chronic fatigue and the effects of chronic stress, can depend on their proper dietary intake of B vitamins. Specifically, Vitamin B12 helps the body convert fats and proteins into energy.   

Vitamin B12 plays a major role in a number of the body’s essential functions, including DNA synthesis and the formation of red blood cells. Most people get VitaminB12 through their food. It is naturally present in certain animal protein-based foods such as Shellfish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and other daily products. As a result, vitamin B12 deficiency is common among vegetarians and vegans if they do not consume fortified foods.

What to expect during your visits?

  • During your weekly scheduled visits, Dr. Christine will do the following…
  • Thorough review of your food log
  • Review of your physical activity
  • Weigh in/measurements
  • Challenges/accomplishments of your week
  • Goal setting for following week/behavior modification

During your visits with Dr. Christine, she will continuously motivate you and be your cheerleader. She will help you identify what is working for you, make clear suggestions, and set realistic goals for your next visit. Once you have been through Dr. Christine‘s comprehensive medical weight loss program, you will never need another program again. We all know what we are supposed to be doing, but we don’t do it! That is exactly where the SECRET INGREDIENT comes in…She ll tell you when she sees you!


HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by a pregnant woman’s placenta that is essential to keeping a growing fetus healthy. In the 1950’s HCG became a popular method in helping patients achieve rapid weight loss. Dr. Simeons, the founder of the HCG diet, used a very small amount of HCG on his overweight patients and discovered that it curbed their appetite dramatically and when combined with a restricted caloric intake, they were able to lose fat and maintain their muscle mass. As a result, he successfully used HCG on thousands of patients for over forty years of practice in Italy.


HCG will help you achieve weight loss by helping you suppress hunger and by helping the body burn unwanted, abnormal fat. You will be required to adhere to a strict 500 calories and a list of foods.  Since HCG targets and mobilizes fat cells, your body is technically running on 1,500-2,000 calories per day and will not be starved of nutrition. Since you are using your stored fat cells for energy, you achieve more rapid weight loss.


While on the HCG diet you should expect to lose between 0.5 and 1 pound per day.


The HCG hormone is thought to reset the hypothalamus, which curbs the feeling of hunger. Therefore, you will not feel famished on this diet.  In fact, many of our patients report overall improvement in a variety of symptoms such as allergies, headaches, fatigue, and body ache.  It helps many of our patients realize food allergies that they are able to avoid in the future.  


The HCG diet can be one cycle= 23 days or two continuous cycles = 40 days. Depending on your weight loss goals, Dr. Christine makes her recommendation in order to ensure your success in losing the weight as well as keeping it off.  


HCG is a safe weight loss modality and patient selection is very important. We have not had any of our patients experience any serious adverse events. Dr. Christine closely monitors all her patients and is available for any questions or concerns they may have during their weight loss program.  

HCG is contraindicated for patients with a history of gallstones or gout as it may trigger them. Dr. Christine highly recommends all her HCG patients to come in for their scheduled appointments and receive their injectable vitamin shots as well as take over the counter multi vitamin and sublingual Biotin.