“Dr. Christine is absolutely amazing and extremely professional…”

OMG! Where do I start? Dr. Christine is absolutely amazing and extremely professional. I name her best in the business! I have had the biggest self esteem issues with my lips since I was 17 and refused to go because of the fear of walking out looking like Big Ange. She is a complete artist and made my lips even and gave me a naturally pouty look! I am beyond thankful to Dr. Christine she not only fixed my lips but also my self esteem.Thank You! This was a life changing experience. I was in tears (happy of course) when seeing my end result.
Laila A.

“… half a dozen plastic surgeons and nothing seemed to work…”

Dr. Christine Ibrahim is AMAZING! I have what are referred to as malar bags which I have had since childhood. I have visited and been treated by half a dozen plastic surgeons who all tried various techniques. Nothing seemed to work and often their treatments made the bags worse. Dr. Christine used radiesse to plump up the area around the bags in such a way that it completely corrected the problem area. I couldn’t be happier. I have since been to her for other procedures and referred many of my friends and family. Everyone has the same great feedback. Dr. Christine is an extremely talented doctor and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented doctor.
Tani T.

“Dr. Ibrahim cares about her patients…”

Dr. Ibrahim is an ethical doctor who cares about her patients. I had a few treatments done by Dr. Ibrahim and she is extremely professional and is the one the performs all of the procedures not some technician. I highly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed.
Anthony H.

“You will love her and her work!”

I have been going to Dr. Ibrahim since she opened her practice on Pico Blvd. She is the only person I will ever let treat my issues. I used to see other doctors, but they couldn’t touch Dr. Christine’s professionalism or talent! She treats her clients as her family. I highly recommend her to anyone — you will love her and her work!
Carol D.

“At 71, my mother looks no more than 55…”

Dr. Christine has been working with my mother for a few years now and I’ve been seeing her for about 9 months. My mother has never looked better! At 71 she looks no more than 55 and most of that is thanks to Christine. I recently went to Christine for Juvederm lip injections, and she was terrific throughout the whole unpleasant process. My new, fuller lips look AMAZING. She’s so good at what she does. I’ve struggled with adult acne for a few years now and nothing I’ve tried seemed to work until I saw Dr. Christine. My skin has never looked better. In fact, it glows! She’s also done some botox on me, particularly a brow lift, which I could not be more pleased with! She’s friendly, informative and just all around great!
Amanda G.

“I trust her completely…”

I am extremely particular and after researching for months a friend of mine recommend Dr. Christine, and I am beyond happy she did. I have worked with her on a few things, (sorry but I don’t want to give away all my secrets) and she knew what to do and what not to do… She’s the best! Dr Christine knows her stuff. I trust her completely.
Fernanda A.

“I feel taken care of and understood…”

I have seen Dr. Ibrahim for over 7 years now. I find it interesting when women write about their bad experiences with cosmetic procedures. I am one of those who would never admit to a droop eyelid (wink) but I also never had one… not with Dr. Ibrahim, or with any other doctors. Perhaps I follow the recommendations for the aftercare. Be that as it may be, Dr. Ibrahim is professional, intelligent and a caring person- everything I want to have in a physician, regardless of their specialty. She is thorough in her examinations, never upsells unneeded procedures, and consistently meets expectations. I feel taken care of and understood. What more, her practice carries a great line of the cosmetological products. I particularly like the eye cream from BelleDerm.
Iya R.

“I trust Dr. Christine to keep me looking my best…”

After I turned 40, I knew I needed to have some type of refreshing, but I really wasn’t knowledgeable about what was needed or what would benefit my overall appearance. It was nice for me to find someone like Dr. Christine; a Doctor that I could trust not to overcompensate or overindulge with working on my face. She pointed out the areas that she thought could use attention (specifically the parentheses around my mouth) and inspired such trust in me, that I gave her the go ahead to fill those in. The week following my procedure, no one could tell that I had any work done. The response I received from all of my friends and co-workers was that I looked refreshed, relaxed and rested. Because of her low key approach and her desire to make everything look so natural; I’ve turned my entire skin care and face maintenance over to her and trust her to keep me looking my best.
Joan S.

“No one ever assumes that I’ve had preventative maintenance…”

Thanks to Dr. Christine I look 15 years younger. I completely trust her and wouldn’t go to anyone else. No one ever assumes that I have had preventative maintenance (although I have no problem telling people that I’ve had Botox or fillers) because Dr. Christine uses a very conservative approach.
Liz H.

“Her techniques are very natural and I look refreshed after Botox…”

As a man, my fear about changing the way that I look was eradicated the moment I sat in Dr. Christine’s chair. Her techniques are very natural and I look refreshed after a Botox session. None of my friends know that I have Botox injections; they just think that I look great.
Daniel R.

“…a natural looking way that would never ‘freeze’ my face…”

I really didn’t think that I needed Botox until my friend had a session. We went to lunch and she was looking younger. So I asked her why she looked so good and she said, “Botox”. I’d always been afraid of looking unnatural, but she looked so good, I was willing to try it. Dr. Christine is so nice and really calming. She told me that she only uses Botox in a natural looking way and would never “freeze” my face. Four days after my appointment the crow’s feet lines around my eyes disappeared and I was happy. I had no idea how much older they made me look until they were gone. Dr. Christine is great and I’ll never go to anyone else.
Cassia C.

“Dr. Ibrahim is an artist…”

Dr. Ibrahim is an artist in the field of non invasive cosmetic modification. She has given me injections of Botox which have rejuvenated my face. It gives me the look of freshness and I still have the facial expressions that I need. I’ve also had filler treatments. (Radiesse) The filler she used made my appearance fresh and natural. Many times I’m asked how I stay so youthful and not one person has ever thought I’ve “had anything done”. They do however notice that I always look better after a treatment, and comment on it. For me it was a turning back of the clock. This is my treat to myself; these are the years of maintenance. If I want to have a procedure, she is always honest if this was my best choice or if I should wait until I really need the procedure. She’s always is available to talk with me about my questions and I love her honesty and ethics. I will always give her name and number out to friends who are looking to repair or replace the look of their skin and face structure. She is one of the best in her field of expertise.
Ruth H.

“They don’t deliver the same clear skin I get with Dr. Christine…”

I have acne challenged skin and there is such a difference before and after a medical facial, compared to a “regular facial”. I’m an out of town student and have “regular facials” while I’m attending school. They just do not deliver the same clear skin that I get and maintain when I can see Dr. Christine regularly. I wouldn’t go to anyone else – I love Dr. Christine!
Hannah S.

“Highly recommended to lose weight and keep it off…”

I’ve lost 25 pounds, 49 inches and I feel great! It was the easiest weight loss program I’ve ever been on (and I’ve tried Lindora and Jenny Craig). I didn’t do well with those programs because I hated the food, I always ended up putting the weight back on. Dr. Christine’s program teaches you how to eat on your own; so it’s easy and actually less expensive (you don’t have to buy special food or shakes). I recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Christine’s great and I highly recommend her!
Esther M.

“There is one very bright star that truly stands out: Dr. Christine…”

In the small, highly competitive environment of Beverly Hills, there is one very bright star that truly stands out in non surgical cosmetic solutions. That is Dr. Christine. Bar none, the absolute best!
Andreea U.