It is the Twenty-First Century ladies… we do not need to go under “the knife” in order to look our best. Dr. Christine started her practice over 10 years ago with one goal in mind.  In fact, her business cards read “Non- Surgical Cosmetic Solutions” from the first print and she has held true to her mission since 2005. Many of her patients did not grasp the concept back then, but knew they were not ready for a surgical intervention. Historically, the trend was men and women would entertain the idea of a “facelift” in their forties with execution by their 50th birthday. While the majority of these surgeries were successful, many women looked older than their chronological age post-surgery.

Dr. Christine believes that when someone is ready for the surgical facelift, they are ready for a long term solution. Please do not misunderstand… Dr. Christine feels that a surgical approach is the right decision for many of her patients. Especially, when today’s technology is not able to achieve the desired outcome and it would be futile to continue the non-surgical route.

There is a common saying among Dr. Christine’s patients “She will talk you out of procedures more than she will talk you into them”. Dr. Christine’s liquid facelift approach is that of sculpting or painting. We can all agree that one cannot start, finish and perfect a sculpture in one hour. However, one can spend time making minimal changes to a sculpture, refining its edges until reaching an endpoint satisfactory to the artist. This pace allows both the patient and Dr. Christine to achieve a “Natural “, more youthful appearance, without crossing the line of “too much”. That’s not to say her patients need multiple visits to see their final result. This pace works really well for her patients, especially ones that are new to the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. It allows them the opportunity to build a doctor-patient relationship where they feel they are perfectly understood and gently guided on their path to their 10-15 years younger self!

Same day injection of Radiesse® for volume loss in cheeks and marionette lines.


As we age, the face begins to lose collagen and elastin which contributes to sagging facial features.  The loss of volume and elasticity also leads to the formation of wrinkles, lines and folds. Overall, we may look tired, stressed or simply like we haven’t slept in weeks, even after 10 hours of sleep.  Dr. Christine‘s Liquid Facelift, which takes about an hour, restores the volume lost and returns your facial features back to their youthful origin.  This is achieved by injecting advanced dermal fillers, such as Radiesse, Juvederm and/or Belotero to lift and contour the face.  If indicated, Dr. Christine may recommend combining these fillers with Botox or Xeomin, which relax facial muscles and further reduce facial wrinkles.

For some patients, a Liquid Facelift can help them create features they do not naturally possess, giving them contoured cheekbones, a more prominent chin, and improving facial symmetry.  A woman these days has several tools available to her for artificial facial contouring.  She can master the art of facial contouring with the use makeup, but the average woman does not have the time necessary to create such an illusion.  In addition, not all women want to apply makeup every morning in order to feel good about how they look. We want to wake up feeling and looking our best every day.

With a non-surgical Liquid Facelift, you can achieve the same results without having to wear makeup if you don’t want to.  You will wake up looking as fresh and rejuvenated as you feel after a great night’s rest, or look much better than you feel after losing a battle with your bed sheets.

Dr. Christine‘s Non-Surgical  Liquid Face Lift will have you looking 10-15 years younger than your chronological age by accomplishing the following:

  • Gently lifting specific or overall facial features
  • Naturally restoring facial contouring
  • Reducing wrinkles, lines, creases or folds
  • Rejuvenating and enhancing your facial assets

Same day injection of Radiesse® for volume loss in cheeks, marionette lines and sagging oral area.


Dr. Christine approaches the Liquid Facelift on a case by case basis. Look around you, no two people look alike, yet we all have the same anatomy; 2 eyebrows, a pair of eyes, 1 nose, 1 set of lips etc. The anatomy may be the same, but differing in placement by 1/10th of a millimeter, in their shape, size or color. For some patients, Dr. Christine’s goal is to lift, contour and enhance specific facial features. For other patients, it may be replacing the volume lost over the years.

Just as it is important to remember no two patients are alike, same holds true for dermal fillers. Dr. Christine thrives on educating her patients and allowing them to make informed decisions. She begins all her consults with visual aids to help her patients understand the differences between a Hyaluronic Acid based filler versus a Calcium Hydroxylapatite filler, each of their unique features and longevity. Once the patient has all the information they need, together they create a plan of execution and the timeline comfortable for her patient. Some patients prefer to have their injections all done in one sitting and trust the outcome, while others require more gentle guidance toward their goal. Dr. Christine listens carefully to her patient’s both verbal and non-verbal cues. She understands that these decisions can be simple for some, while monumental for others. Dr. Christine’s ultimate goal is to achieve a natural, rejuvenated more youthful you.

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