Even if you never tried it, you have certainly heard of it. Botox, a.k.a botulinum toxin, is today’s most popular of all the minimally invasive procedures. With more people taking steps to smooth out their wrinkles and folds, it’s not surprising that Botox injections have jumped 700 precent since 2000 [Source: Link].  Since 2002, it has been administered in more than 11 million procedures [Source: Link].

I discovered Botox a few years back at Dr. Christine’s, who was personally recommended by a friend of mine. I went to experiment my first face injections with my best friend who is a twin. Both in our late twenties, we figured it was a great time to start. Today, the results are especially visible on my friend’s face, in comparison to her identical twin who’s never had Botox. As you can see in the picture below, my friend’s face (on the right)  is significantly smoother and younger looking than her twin’s (on the left). Pay attention to the forehead (worry lines) and the eye area (crow’s feet). Also, if you look at the eyebrows, the one on the left- her eyelids drop when she smiles whereas the one the right- her eyebrows stay arched when she smiles. Now, how much younger does the one on the right look?!



6 Things You Should Know About Botox:

  1. It doesn’t hurt as much as you think it does. I was terrified. I’m really afraid of needles myself but Dr. Christine is really gentle and professional.
  2. It doesn’t bruise. You may have seen bruised faces all over the internet thinking it’s related to Botox. So, let me tell you- it’s not.
  3. There is no “appropriate” age to get Botox. You don’t have to wait until you’re 50. If you’re starting to show a road map on your face without making facial expressions- it’s time! Botox will not only smooth out your wrinkles but it will also slow down your aging process.
  4. There are 2 ways to pay for a Botox procedure: per location and per “real” usage. I recommend the second one and not just  because it costs less. Don’t over-inject your face with more product than you actually need. And that’s another reason I recommend Dr. Christine. She’ll only charge you for what she’ll use.
  5. Botox should be done by a certified Doctor, and preferably someone you trust! This is your face we’re talking about! Don’t jump on the next Groupon deal you find just because it’s cheap.
  6. Make sure you’re getting the real Botox and not an imitation. That’s right. Some doctors are using cheaper “Botox” from China, South Korea and South America that yield ill side effects. So, be careful! Make sure you ask to see the box. It should read “Allergan” which is the sole manufacturer of Botox in the U.S.

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